Aylesbury is within the Buckinghamshire council area, a sample local postcode is HP18 0FD. Its population is roughly 60,000.





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 Place nameDescriptionNumber of services
 Aylesbury, Hazell Avenue  Hazell Avenue, King Edward Avenue 
 Aylesbury, Prince Rupert Drive  Prince Rupert Drive South, pond 
 Aylesbury, County Hall  County Hall, Walton Street 
 Aylesbury, Great Western Street  Great Western Street, Underpass 18 
 Aylesbury, Aylesbury Vale Parkway  Aylesbury Vale Parkway, Station, Parkway Approach 
 Aylesbury, High Street  High Street, Gala Bingo 37 
 Aylesbury, Cleveland Road  Cleveland Road, Bryanston Avenue 
 Aylesbury, Briskman Way  Briskman Way, sub station 
 Aylesbury, Bryanston Avenue  Bryanston Avenue, Bates Court 
 Aylesbury, Alham Road  Alham Road, residents parking 
 Aylesbury, Elham Way  Elham Way, Hanson Way 
 Aylesbury, Jubilee Square  Jubilee Square, Shops, Prince Rupert Drive 
 Aylesbury, Wall Brown Way  Wall Brown Way, Prince Rupert Way 
 Aylesbury, Ringlet Way  Ringlet Way, 214, Prince Rupert Way 
 Aylesbury, Butterflies South  Butterflies, watermeadows, Prince Rupert Way 
 Aylesbury, Chancellors Road  Greenway, Malford Crecent, Prince Rupert Drive 
 Aylesbury, Vale Academy  Vale Academy, Senior School, Paradise Orchard 
 Aylesbury, Estate Road  John Fitzjohn Way, Junior School 
 Aylesbury, Paradise Orchard  Paradise Orchard, The Warren 
 Aylesbury, Mayberry Place  Mayberry Place, Quarrendon House Farm, Paradise Orchard 
 Aylesbury, Link Road West  Link Road West, crossing, Paradise Orchard 
 Aylesbury, Stoke Mandeville Hospital Main Gate  Stoke Mandeville Hospital Main Gate, Lower Road roundabout, service road 19 
 Aylesbury, Bierton Road  Bierton Road, Schweppes Rbout 19 
 Aylesbury, Barnsbury Avenue  Barnsbury Avenue, Como Road 
 Aylesbury, Connaught Road  Connaught Road, Broughton Avenue 
 Aylesbury, Matlock Road  Matlock Road, Delamere Close 
 Aylesbury, Bryanston Avenue North  Bryanston Avenue North, Arundel Green, Bryanston Way 
 Aylesbury, Turner Close  Turner Close, Cleveland Park 
 Aylesbury, Slattenham Close  Slattenham Close, Rowland Way 
 Aylesbury, Meadow Way  Meadow Way, Grasslands 
 Aylesbury, Fieldway  Fieldway, The Dell 
 Aylesbury, Griffin Lane  Griffin Lane, Gatehouse Way 
 Aylesbury, Wingate Walk  Wingate Walk, opp Wingate Walk, Oakfield Road 
 Aylesbury, Cheney Way  Cheney Way, Cleveland Park 
 Aylesbury, Brunel Park  Brunel Park, roundabout, Smeaton Close 
 Aylesbury, New Street  New Street, Haydon Training 49 
 Aylesbury, Kingsbury  Kingsbury, Pebble Lane 
 Aylesbury, Buckingham Street  Buckingham Street, Sainsburys 
 Aylesbury, Rabans Lane  Rabans Lane, Intalbury Avenue 18 
 Aylesbury, Rabans Lane Bridge  Rabans Lane Bridge, Sony Factory 
 Aylesbury, Bessemer Crescent  Bessemer Crescent, Rabans Lane 
 Aylesbury, Edison Road West  Edison Road West, Rabans Lane 
 Aylesbury, Edison Road East  Edison Road East 
 Aylesbury, Meredith Drive  Meredith Drive, Rabans Lane 
 Aylesbury, Holman Street  Holman Street, Coventon Road 
 Aylesbury, Haydon Abbey School  Haydon Abbey School, Abbey Road, Weedon Road 
 Aylesbury, Quarrendon School  Quarrendon School, Weedon Road 
 Aylesbury, Cromwell Avenue  Cromwell Avenue, Weedon Road 
 Aylesbury, Gatehouse Close  Gatehouse Close, Six Continents HQ, Gatehouse Road 
 Aylesbury, Goodwin Road  Goodwin Road, Gatehouse Road 
 Aylesbury, Douglas Road  Douglas Road, opp Hawthorn Close 
 Aylesbury, Lansdowne Road  Lansdowne Road, Dunsham Lane 
 Aylesbury, Drayton Road  Drayton Road, Community Centre, Dunsham Lane 
 Aylesbury, Hastoe Park  Hastoe Park, Elmhurst Road 
 Aylesbury, Chiltern Park  Chiltern Park, Waivers Way, Charmfield Road 
 Aylesbury, Cambridge Street  Cambridge Street, Retail Park 18 
 Aylesbury, The Weavers PH  The Weavers PH, Bierton Road 20 
 Aylesbury, Richmond Road  Richmond Road, Broughton Avenue 
 Aylesbury, Exchange Street  Exchange Street, High St 37 
 Aylesbury, Vale Park  Vale Park, High Street 21 
 Aylesbury, Grammar School  Grammar School, Aylesbury Grammar School, Walton Road 
 Aylesbury, Police Station  Police Station, Wendover Road 
 Aylesbury, Chaucer Drive  Chaucer Drive, Wendover Road 
 Aylesbury, Sports Club  Sports Club, Nursing Home, Wendover Road 
 Aylesbury, Charmfield Road  Charmfield Road, Elm Farm Road 
 Aylesbury, Waivers Way  Waivers Way, Hazlehurst Drive 
 Aylesbury, Dalesford Road  Dalesford Road, Thorpe Close 
 Aylesbury, Eascote Road  Eascote Road, Wycombe Close 
 Aylesbury, Camborne Avenue  Camborne Avenue, opp Camborne Avenue, Wendover Road 
 Aylesbury, Wendover Road  Wendover Road, Camborne Avenue 
 Aylesbury, Elm Farm Shops  Elm Farm Shops, cnr Hazlehurst Drive, Elm Farm Road 
 Aylesbury, Morrisons  Morrisons, Friarage Road 38 
 Aylesbury, Friarage Road  Friarage Road, Castle Street 91 
 Aylesbury, Cubb Field  Cubb Field, Rowland Way 
 Aylesbury, Rutherford Road  Rutherford Road, Rutherford Drive, Churchill Avenue 
 Aylesbury, Winterton Drive  Winterton Drive, Stoke Farm Lane 
 Aylesbury, Kynaston Avenue  Kynaston Avenue, Wotton Path 
 Aylesbury, Ambulance Station Roundabout  Ambulance Station Roundabout, Service Road 
 Aylesbury, Walton Street  Walton Street, The Observatory 14 
 Aylesbury, Magistrates Court  Magistrates Court, Walton Street 13 
 Aylesbury, Stoke Road  Stoke Road, Chiltern Street 10 
 Aylesbury, The Plough & Harrow PH  The Plough & Harrow PH, Garage, Walton Gyratory 
 Aylesbury, Lister Green  Lister Green, Harvey Road 
 Aylesbury, Simpson Place  Simpson Place, Harvey Road 
 Aylesbury, Guttman Road  Guttman Road, Sports Stadium, Barnard Crescent 
 Aylesbury, Barnard Crescent  Barnard Crescent, Rear of North Drive 

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