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  Full Name Area     Mon-Fri    Sat    Sun  Services   
 Attercliffe, Don Valley Stadium Arena Don Valley Stadium Sheffield, Don Valley Stadium 175 154 98   
 Sheffield, Abbeydale Park Darnall Rail Station Abbeydale Park   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Attercliffe   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Allende Way Attercliffe 41 42 31   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Attercliffe Attercliffe 175 154 98   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Attercliffe Road Attercliffe 236 177 82   10 
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Bessemer Place Attercliffe   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Britnall Street Attercliffe 41 42   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Clay Street Attercliffe 84 70 53   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Don Valley Stadium Attercliffe 73 67 51   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Effingham Road Attercliffe 264 200 123   13 
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Jessell Street Attercliffe   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Leeds Road Attercliffe 10 10 31   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Nunnery Square Sheffield, Nunnery Square 175 154 98   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Oakes Green Attercliffe   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Ouse Road Attercliffe 236 177 82   10 
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Palmer Street Attercliffe 236 177 82   10 
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Princess Street Attercliffe 143 131 82   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Shortbridge Street Attercliffe 114 109 51   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Shortridge Street Attercliffe   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe St Charles Street Attercliffe   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Stadium Way Attercliffe   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Staniforth Road Attercliffe 97 80 84   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Stevenson Way Attercliffe   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Washford Road Attercliffe 163 139 92   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Windsor Street Attercliffe 264 200 123   13 
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Woodbine Road Attercliffe   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Woodbourn Road Attercliffe 175 154 98   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Woodburn Road Tram Stop Attercliffe   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Works Attercliffe   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Worksop Road Attercliffe 53 52 10   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Worthing Road Attercliffe   
 Sheffield, Attercliffe Zion Lane Attercliffe 28 23 41   
 Sheffield, Brightside Amberley Street Brightside 84 70 53   
 Sheffield, Brightside Brathay Road Brightside 11 11   
 Sheffield, Brightside Carlisle Street East Brightside 19 16 13   
 Sheffield, Brightside Coleridge Road Brightside 73 67 51   
 Sheffield, Brightside Fell Street Brightside 143 131 82   
 Sheffield, Brightside Hawke Street Brightside 143 131 86   
 Sheffield, Brightside Holywell Court Brightside   
 Sheffield, Brightside Holywell Road Brightside 18 16 13   
 Sheffield, Brightside Ice Sheffield Brightside   
 Sheffield, Brightside Newhall Road Brightside 143 131 82   
 Sheffield, Brightside Rothay Road Brightside 11 11   
 Sheffield, Brightside Sheffield Arena Brightside   
 Sheffield, Brightside Sheffield Forgemasters Brightside 18 16 13   
 Sheffield, Brightside Skelwith Road Brightside 12 12   
 Sheffield, Brightside Upwell Street Brightside 22 21   
 Sheffield, Brightside Wansfell Road Brightside 12 12   
 Sheffield, Brightside Weedon Street Brightside 140 126 86   
 Sheffield, Burngreave 12 O Clock Court Burngreave 306 270 174   19 
 Sheffield, Burngreave Norfolk Bridge Burngreave 367 327 215   18 
 Sheffield, Burngreave Princess Street Burngreave 330 257 166   16 
 Sheffield, Burngreave Warren Street Burngreave 224 196 133   11 
 Sheffield, Carbrook Carbrook   
 Sheffield, Carbrook Arena Square Carbrook 137 118 81   18 
 Sheffield, Carbrook Attercliffe Common Carbrook 22 21   
 Sheffield, Carbrook Brightside Lane Carbrook   
 Sheffield, Carbrook Carbrook Carbrook 175 154 98   
 Sheffield, Carbrook Carbrook Street Carbrook 91 82 63   
 Sheffield, Carbrook Dunlop Street Carbrook   
 Sheffield, Carbrook Meadowhall Drive Carbrook   
 Sheffield, Carbrook Meadowhall Retail Park Carbrook 22 21   
 Sheffield, Carbrook Opp Chiquitos Carbrook   
 Sheffield, Carbrook Sheffield Road Carbrook 22 21   
 Sheffield, Carbrook Valley Centertainment Carbrook 175 154 98   
 Sheffield, Darnall Bannham Road Darnall 236 177 82   10 
 Sheffield, Darnall Britannia Road Darnall 59 56 10   
 Sheffield, Darnall Catley Road Darnall 28 25 43   
 Sheffield, Darnall Coleford Road Darnall 18 15 12   
 Sheffield, Darnall Colister Drive Darnall   
 Sheffield, Darnall Colister Gardens Darnall   
 Sheffield, Darnall Craven Close Darnall 41 42   
 Sheffield, Darnall Cresswell Road Darnall   
 Sheffield, Darnall Darnall Rail Station Darnall, Rail Station   
 Sheffield, Darnall Fulford Place Darnall 10 10 31   
 Sheffield, Darnall Gainsford Road Darnall 236 177 82   10 
 Sheffield, Darnall Greenland Court Darnall 41 42 31   
 Sheffield, Darnall Greenland Road Darnall 233 177 82   
 Sheffield, Darnall Greenland View Darnall 41 42 31   
 Sheffield, Darnall Kirby Close Darnall 110 87 82   
 Sheffield, Darnall Main Road Darnall 59 56 10   
 Sheffield, Darnall Poole Place Darnall 59 56 43   
 Sheffield, Darnall Shepcote Way Darnall   
 Sheffield, Darnall Waverley Road Darnall 236 177 82   10 
 Sheffield, Ellesmere Atlas North Ellesmere, SYOR 22 21   
 Sheffield, Ellesmere Atlas Street Ellesmere, SYOR   
 Sheffield, Ellesmere Canada Street Ellesmere, SYOR 23 12   
 Sheffield, Ellesmere Carrwood Road Ellesmere, SYOR 22 21   
 Sheffield, Ellesmere Carwood Road Ellesmere, SYOR 12 12   
 Sheffield, Ellesmere Garter Street Ellesmere, SYOR 12 12   
 Sheffield, Ellesmere Lyons Street Ellesmere, SYOR 145 131 67   
 Sheffield, Ellesmere Petre Street Ellesmere, SYOR   
 Sheffield, Ellesmere Princess Street Ellesmere, SYOR 143 131 82   
 Sheffield, Ellesmere Sedan Street Ellesmere, SYOR 125 119 67   
 Sheffield, Ellesmere Sutherland Road Ellesmere, SYOR 145 131 67   
 Sheffield, Ellesmere Windsor Street Ellesmere, SYOR 143 131 82   
 Sheffield, Fir Vale Firth Park Road Fir Vale   
 Sheffield, Fir Vale Osgathorpe Drive Fir Vale   
 Sheffield, Fir Vale Owler Lane Fir Vale 162 140 81   13 
 Sheffield, Grimesthorpe Birdwell Road Grimesthorpe 16 14 12   
 Sheffield, Grimesthorpe Birdwell Street Grimesthorpe 30 27 13   
 Sheffield, Grimesthorpe Botham Street Grimesthorpe 28 16   
 Sheffield, Grimesthorpe Carlisle Street East Grimesthorpe   
 Sheffield, Grimesthorpe Dunmow Road Grimesthorpe 31 16 13   
 Sheffield, Grimesthorpe Earl Marshal Road Grimesthorpe 15 15   
 Sheffield, Grimesthorpe Hinde House Crescent Grimesthorpe 12   
 Sheffield, Grimesthorpe Margate Drive Grimesthorpe 39 27   
 Sheffield, Grimesthorpe Newhall Road Grimesthorpe   
 Sheffield, Grimesthorpe Owler Lane Grimesthorpe 15 15   
 Sheffield, Grimesthorpe Petre Street Grimesthorpe 14 14   
 Sheffield, Grimesthorpe Scott Street Grimesthorpe   
 Sheffield, Grimesthorpe United Cutlers Grimesthorpe 12 12   
 Sheffield, Grimesthorpe Upwell Lane Grimesthorpe 19 16 13   
 Sheffield, Grimesthorpe Wensley Street Grimesthorpe 26 16 13   
 Sheffield, Meadowhall Weedon Street Meadowhall, Rail Station Interchange 91 82 63   
 Sheffield, Norwood Northern General Hospital Longley, Sheffield Northern General Hospital 512 427 224   20 
 Sheffield, Page Hall Barretta Street Page Hall 19 16 13   
 Sheffield, Page Hall Bolsover Road Page Hall 181 156 94   10 
 Sheffield, Page Hall Firth Park Road Page Hall 18 16 13   
 Sheffield, Page Hall Heathcote Street Page Hall   
 Sheffield, Page Hall Rushby Street Page Hall 18 16 13   
 Sheffield, Page Hall Selby Road Page Hall 117 68 28   13 
 Sheffield, Page Hall Whiteways Drive Page Hall   
 Sheffield, Park Hill Sheffield, Park Hill 216 184 134   11 
 Sheffield, Park Hill Cricket Inn Road Sheffield, Park Hill 200 175 108   
 Sheffield, Park Hill Hyde Park Walk Sheffield, Park Hill   
 Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate Acres Hill Lane Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate   
 Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate Acres Hill Road Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate 110 87 82   
 Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate Balfour Drive Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate 236 177 82   10 
 Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate Balfour Road Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate 110 87 82   
 Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate Bramham Road Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate 236 177 82   10 
 Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate Kettlebridge Road Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate 34 10 20   
 Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate Ouseburn Road Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate 110 87 82   
 Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate Parkway Close Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate 34 10 20   
 Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate Ribston Road Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate   
 Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate Shirland Lane Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate   
 Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate Staniforth Road Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate   
 Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate Tockwith Road Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate 110 87 82   
 Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate Uttley Drive Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate 43 42 31   
 Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate Wilfred Drive Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate   
 Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate Wilfrid Road Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate 236 177 82   10 
 Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate Woodbourn Road Sheffield, Parkway Industrial Estate 17 10   
 Sheffield, Tinsley Park Allende Way Tinsley Park   
 Sheffield, Tinsley Park Arena/Don Valley Stadium Tinsley Park   
 Sheffield, Tinsley Park Clipstone Road Tinsley Park 43 42 31   
 Sheffield, Tinsley Park Coleridge Road Tinsley Park 43 42 31   
 Sheffield, Tinsley Park Dannemora Drive Tinsley Park 18 15 12   
 Sheffield, Tinsley Park Eleanor Street Tinsley Park 10 10 31   
 Sheffield, Tinsley Park Europa Link Tinsley Park 36   
 Sheffield, Tinsley Park Greenland Road Tinsley Park 43 42 31   
 Sheffield, Tinsley Park Greenland Way Tinsley Park 61 56 10   
 Sheffield, Tinsley Park Phillimore Road Tinsley Park 43 42   
 Sheffield, Tinsley Park Sheffield Arena/Don Valley Stadium Tinsley Park 18 14 10   
 Sheffield, Tinsley Park Shepcote Lane Tinsley Park 26 25 43   
 Sheffield, Tinsley Park Shepcote Way Tinsley Park   
 Sheffield, Tinsley Park Tinsley Park Road Tinsley Park 36   
 Sheffield, Tinsley Park Tinsley Wire Tinsley Park 36   
 Sheffield, Tinsley Park Tinsley Wire Ltd Tinsley Park 28   
 Sheffield, Tinsley Park Valley Centertainment Tinsley Park 18 15 12   
 Sheffield, Wybourn Aston Street Wybourn 17 10   
 Sheffield, Wybourn Cricket Inn Crescent Wybourn 34 10 20   
 Sheffield, Wybourn Cricket Inn Road Wybourn   
 Sheffield, Wybourn Gala Bingo Wybourn   
 Sheffield, Wybourn Maltravers Place Wybourn 182 140 52   
 Sheffield, Wybourn Maltravers Way Wybourn 73 61 49   
 Sheffield, Wybourn Nunnery Square Sheffield, Nunnery Square   
 Sheffield, Wybourn Parkway Avenue Wybourn 34 10 20   
 Sheffield, Wybourn Woodbourn Road Wybourn 34 10 20   
 Wybourn, Hyde Park Sheffield, Hyde Park   
 Wybourn, Hyde Park Cricket Inn Road Sheffield, Hyde Park 182 140 52   
 Wybourn, Hyde Park Derwent Street Sheffield, Hyde Park 34 20   
 Wybourn, Hyde Park Effingham Street Sheffield, Hyde Park   
 Wybourn, Hyde Park Foley Street Sheffield, Hyde Park   
 Wybourn, Hyde Park Hyde Park Sheffield, Hyde Park 200 175 108   
 Wybourn, Hyde Park Hyde Park Platform To City Centre Sheffield, Hyde Park   
 Wybourn, Hyde Park Hyde Park Platform To Meadowhall Sheffield, Hyde Park   
 Wybourn, Hyde Park Nunnery Square P & R Sheffield, Hyde Park   
 Wybourn, Hyde Park Whites Lane Sheffield, Hyde Park 182 140 52   
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