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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) near to the TQ1 2AG postcode area sorted by full name.
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    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
            Bus departures  
  Full Name Area     Mon-Fri    Sat    Sun  Services   
 Torbay, Torquay Barton Road Torquay   
 Torbay, Torquay Cary Parade Torquay, Cary Parade 89 84 56   
 Torbay, Torquay Croft Road Torquay   
 Torbay, Torquay Debenhams Torquay 13   
 Torbay, Torquay Falkland Road Torquay 49 43 27   
 Torbay, Torquay Inglewood Hotel Torquay 30 35 11   
 Torbay, Torquay Living Coasts Torquay   
 Torbay, Torquay Newton Road Torquay 93 85 54   10 
 Torbay, Torquay Scarborough Road Torquay 31 36 11   
 Torbay, Torquay St Vincents Road Torquay   
 Torbay, Torquay St. Lukes Road Torquay   
 Torbay, Torquay St. Lukes Road North Torquay   
 Torbay, Torquay St. Lukes Road South Torquay   
 Torbay, Torquay St.Lukes Road North Torquay   
 Torbay, Torquay Strand Torquay   
 Torbay, Torquay Strand Debenhams Torquay 135 131 82   
 Torbay, Torquay The Strand Torquay 235 231 152   24 
 Torbay, Torquay Torquay North Quay Torquay   
 Torbay, Torquay Torquay Harbour Boarding Pontoon Torquay   
 Torbay, Torquay Torquay Pavilion Torquay 94 79 52   12 
 Torbay, Torquay Torquay Rail Station Torquay, Rail Station   
 Torbay, Torquay Torre Rail Station Torre, Rail Station   
 Torbay, Torquay Upton Post Office Torquay 45 42 28   
 Torbay, Torquay Upton Road Torquay 46 42 28   
 Torbay, Torquay Victoria Parade Torquay 14   
 Torbay, Torquay Walnut Road Shops Torquay   
 Torquay Torquay   
 Torquay, Babbacombe Ansteys Cove Babbacombe 62 62 39   10 
 Torquay, Babbacombe Babbacombe Pottery Babbacombe 36 35 21   
 Torquay, Babbacombe Belmont Road Babbacombe   
 Torquay, Babbacombe Bronshill Road Babbacombe   
 Torquay, Babbacombe Carlton Road Babbacombe   
 Torquay, Babbacombe Hatfield Cross Babbacombe 49 49 29   
 Torquay, Babbacombe Locks Hill Babbacombe   
 Torquay, Babbacombe Quinta Road Babbacombe   
 Torquay, Babbacombe Reddenhill Road Babbacombe   
 Torquay, Babbacombe Shirburn Road Babbacombe   
 Torquay, Chelston Chelston Hall Chelston, TORB 50 46 29   
 Torquay, Chelston Rousdown Road Chelston, TORB 49 43 27   
 Torquay, Chelston Solsbro Road Chelston, TORB   
 Torquay, Chelston Walnut Road Shops Chelston, TORB 10   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Abbey Road Torquay 180 169 111   13 
 Torquay, Ellacombe Babbacombe Primary School Babbacombe   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Belmont Road Ellacombe   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Ben Venue Close Wellswood   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Bingfield Close Ellacombe   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Castle Circus Torquay, Castle Circus   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Ellacombe Church Road Ellacombe 47 46 27   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Ellacombe Green Ellacombe 49 49 29   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Fleet Walk Torquay 198 198 123   15 
 Torquay, Ellacombe Hatfield Cross Ellacombe   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Hingston Road Ellacombe   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Hoxton Road Ellacombe 49 49 29   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Market Street Torquay 12 12   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Middle Warberry Road Wellswood   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Palace Hotel Wellswood 62 62 39   10 
 Torquay, Ellacombe Post Office Roundabout Torquay 21   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Princess Theatre Torquay   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Sorrento Ellacombe   
 Torquay, Ellacombe St Marychurch Road Ellacombe   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Tesco Torquay, Tesco 178 164 101   17 
 Torquay, Ellacombe Tor Church Road Torquay 152 148 92   15 
 Torquay, Ellacombe Torbay Hotel Torquay 92 80 52   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Torquay Library Torquay 83 79 53   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Torquay Pavilion Torquay   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Union Street Torquay 171 161 98   22 
 Torquay, Ellacombe Victoria Road Ellacombe 49 49 29   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Warberry Copse Ellacombe   
 Torquay, Ellacombe Windsor Road Ellacombe 49 49 29   
 Torquay, Livermead Chelston Road Livermead   
 Torquay, Livermead Corbyns Head Livermead   
 Torquay, Livermead Grand Hotel Livermead 126 116 62   14 
 Torquay, Livermead Hennapyn Road Livermead 12   
 Torquay, Livermead Livermead Cliff Livermead   
 Torquay, Livermead Livermead House Hotel Livermead   
 Torquay, Livermead Railway Bridge Livermead   
 Torquay, Livermead Rathmore Road Livermead   
 Torquay, Livermead Solsbro Road Rail Station Livermead, Rail Station   
 Torquay, Livermead Torquay Rail Station Livermead, Rail Station   
 Torquay, Livermead Torre Abbey Meadows Livermead 126 116 62   14 
 Torquay, Livermead Torre Abbey Sands Livermead 126 115 63   20 
 Torquay, Livermead Underhill Road Livermead   
 Torquay, Torre Abbey Court Hotel Torre, TORB 51 46 29   
 Torquay, Torre Abbey Gates Torre, TORB 46 46 29   
 Torquay, Torre Abbey Road Health Centre Torquay 207 199 123   19 
 Torquay, Torre Avenue Road Torre, TORB   
 Torquay, Torre Bamlyde Road Torre, TORB   
 Torquay, Torre Barton Road Torre, TORB   
 Torquay, Torre Belgrave Road Torre, TORB 40 36 11   10 
 Torquay, Torre Cherry Hayes Torre, TORB   
 Torquay, Torre Cleveland Road Torre, TORB   
 Torquay, Torre Coach Station Torre, TORB 64 60 46   17 
 Torquay, Torre Haddon Lees Torre, TORB   
 Torquay, Torre Laburnum Row Torre, TORB 93 85 54   10 
 Torquay, Torre Lucius Street Torre, TORB 41 36 11   11 
 Torquay, Torre Riviera Centre Torre, TORB   
 Torquay, Torre Teignmouth Road Torre, TORB   
 Torquay, Torre Torre Abbey Torre, TORB 49 43 27   
 Torquay, Torre Torre Rail Station Torre, Rail Station   
 Torquay, Torre Torre Valley Playing Fields Torre, TORB 51 46 29   
 Torquay, Torre Torre Village Torre, TORB 93 85 54   10 
 Torquay, Torre Upton Park Torre, TORB 46 42 28   
 Torquay, Torre Upton Road Torre, TORB   
 Torquay, Wellswood Ansteys Close Wellswood   
 Torquay, Wellswood Asheldon Road Wellswood   
 Torquay, Wellswood Brocket Hall Wellswood   
 Torquay, Wellswood Devonshire Hotel Wellswood 14   
 Torquay, Wellswood Edenhurst Court Wellswood   
 Torquay, Wellswood Haldon Court Wellswood 14 14   
 Torquay, Wellswood Haldon Road Wellswood 14 14   
 Torquay, Wellswood Hesketh Cresent Wellswood 14 14   
 Torquay, Wellswood Higher Erith Road Wellswood 14 14   
 Torquay, Wellswood Higher Lincombe Road Wellswood 14 14   
 Torquay, Wellswood Higher Woodfield Road Wellswood   
 Torquay, Wellswood Illsham Primary School Wellswood   
 Torquay, Wellswood Ilsham House Wellswood   
 Torquay, Wellswood Ilsham Primary School Wellswood   
 Torquay, Wellswood Imperial Hotel Wellswood 14   
 Torquay, Wellswood Kenilworth Wellswood 14 14   
 Torquay, Wellswood Kents Cavern Wellswood   
 Torquay, Wellswood Lincombe Hall Hotel Wellswood   
 Torquay, Wellswood Lisburn Square Wellswood 62 62 39   10 
 Torquay, Wellswood Lisburne Square Wellswood 36 35 21   
 Torquay, Wellswood Lower Warberry Road Wellswood 62 62 39   10 
 Torquay, Wellswood Lydwell Park Road Wellswood 36 35 21   
 Torquay, Wellswood Meadfoot Road Wellswood   
 Torquay, Wellswood Meadfoot Sea Road Wellswood   
 Torquay, Wellswood Meadford Beach Wellswood   
 Torquay, Wellswood Meadford Car Park Wellswood   
 Torquay, Wellswood Middle Lincombe Road Wellswood 14 14   
 Torquay, Wellswood Middle Warberry Road Wellswood 14 14   
 Torquay, Wellswood Palm Grove Hotel Wellswood 14 14   
 Torquay, Wellswood Parkhill Road Wellswood 15   
 Torquay, Wellswood Rialto Wellswood   
 Torquay, Wellswood St Marks Road Wellswood   
 Torquay, Wellswood St Matthias Church Wellswood   
 Torquay, Wellswood Ten Pin Bowling Alley Wellswood 62 62 39   10 
 Torquay, Wellswood The Warberries Wellswood   
 Torquay, Wellswood Torquay Museum Wellswood 62 62 39   10 
 Torquay, Wellswood Wellswood Kents Cavern Wellswood 28 28 10   
 Torre, TORB Torre, TORB 85 80 53   
 Torwood, Meadfoot Road Wellswood   
 Torwood, Parkhill Road Wellswood   
The map below shows transport locations in the TQ1 2AG postcode area.
On the map below bus stops are shown in red, National Express stops in Green, Megabus in Blue and train stations in Grey.


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