Details of Arriva North West's bus service number 61 between Runcorn (Palace Fields Halton Hospital) and Liverpool.

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Town/Village/stop nameCountyBus Services
Runcorn, Palace Fields Halton Hospital  Halton Borough  85   
      Palace Fields (Halton Hospital, Busway (Halton Lea))      "
Halton Lea South        " 64   
      Palace Fields (Halton Lea South, Busway)      "
Runcorn, Grange        " 82   
      Grange (Halton Lodge, Busway (Halton Lodge))      "
      Grange (Handforth Lane, Busway (Halton Lodge))      "
Runcorn Heath        " 48   
      Runcorn Heath (Malpas Road, Clifton Road)      "
Runcorn Heath, School        " 33   
      Runcorn Heath (Heath School, Clifton Road)      "
Runcorn Heath        " 48   
      Runcorn Heath (Golf Course, Clifton Road)      "
Runcorn        " 105  Trains Walks
      Runcorn (Heath Road, Moughland Lane)      "
      Runcorn (Whitley Close, Moughland Lane)      "
      Runcorn (Cenotaph, Greenway Road)      "
      Runcorn (Bonton, Greenway Road)      "
Creekmouth  Greater London  25   
      Creekmouth (Northgate Road, ---)      "
Runcorn  Halton Borough  105  Trains Walks
      Runcorn (Station Road)      "
Runcorn, Bus Station        " 33  Trains Walks
      Runcorn (Runcorn High Street Bus Station, Public Hall Street)      "
Widnes, West Bank        " 57   
      West Bank (Irwell Street/the Bridge, Irwell Street)      "
Hapton  Lancashire County  22  Trains 
      Hapton (Shawbrook Walk, Lancaster Drive)      "
Widnes, Waterloo  Halton Borough  49   
      Waterloo (WATERLOO CENTRE, Victoria Road)      "
Widnes        " 128  Trains Walks
      Widnes (ASHLEY WAY, Victoria Road)      "
      Widnes (DOCTORS PUB, Victoria Road)      "
      Widnes (Vicarage Road, Kingsway)      "
      Widnes (WIDNES TOWN HALL, Widnes Road)      "
      Widnes (SIMMS CROSS)      "
Simms Cross        " 40   
      Simms Cross (Windmill Shopping Park, Gerrard Street)      "
Widnes, Green Oaks        " 50   
      Widnes (Green Oaks, Town Centre)      "
Appleton        " 32   
      Appleton (Peelhouse Lane, B5178 Albert Road)      "
      Appleton (Barracks, Peelhouse Lane)      "
      Appleton (Lytham Road, Peelhouse Lane)      "
      Appleton (Fairfield High, Peel House Lane)      "
Farnworth        " 59   
      Farnworth (Peelhouse Lane)      "
      Farnworth (Derby Road)      "
      Farnworth (Sefton Avenue, Derby Road)      "
Upton Rocks        " 87   
      Upton Rocks (Pit Lane, Birchfield Road)      "
      Upton Rocks (Buckingham Avenue, Birchfield Road)      "
      Upton Rocks (Birchfield Gardens, Lunts Heath Road)      "
Lunts Heath        " 60   
      Lunts Heath (Valentine House, Wilmere Lane)      "
Upton Rocks        " 87   
      Upton Rocks (Wilmere House, Wilmere Lane)      "
Rainhill Stoops  Merseyside  20   
      Rainhill Stoops (Norlands Lane, Warrington Road)      "
Rainhill, St Anns        " 47  Trains 
      St Anns (School Lane, Warrington Road)      "
Rainhill Stoops, Rainhill High School        " 20  Trains 
      St Anns (Coylton Avenue, Warrington Road)      "
Rainhill, St Anns        " 47  Trains 
      St Anns (Lawton Road, Warrington Road)      "
      St Anns (Ashfield, Warrington Road)      "
      St Anns (Rainhill Rail Station, Warrington Road)      "
Rainhill, Holt        " 32   
      Holt (Old Lane, Warrington Road)      "
      Holt (Kendal Drive, Warrington Road)      "
Prescot        " 81  Trains 
      Prescot (Longview Road, Warrington Road)      "
Whiston, Hospital        " 35   
      Prescot (Dragon Lane, Warrington Road)      "
Prescot        " 81  Trains 
      Prescot (Ash Grove, Willow Grove)      "
      Prescot (Kelly Street, Warrington Road)      "
      Prescot (Pennington Gardens, Warrington Road)      "
      Prescot (Church Street, High Street)      "
Prescot, Bus Station        " 29  Trains 
      Prescot (Prescot Bus Station, Prescot)      "
Prescot, Tesco        " 26   
      Prescot (Yates Court, Sewell Street)      "
Prescot        " 81  Trains 
      Prescot (Manchester Road, Hall Lane)      "
      Prescot (Dennett Road, Coronation Drive)      "
      Prescot (Molyneux Drive, Cross Lane)      "
      Prescot (Old Colliery Road, Cross Lane)      "
      Prescot (Dragon Lane, Cross Lane)      "
Whiston        " 20  Trains 
      Whiston (Dragon Lane, Windy Arbor Road)      "
Halsnead Park        " 12   
      Halsnead Park (Lickers Lane, Windy Arbor Road)      "
      Halsnead Park (St Nicholas Parish Church, Windy Arbor Road)      "
Windy Arbor        " 8   
      Windy Arbor (Foxshaw Close, Windy Arbor Road)      "
      Windy Arbor (Simons Close, Windy Arbor Road)      "
Whitefield Lane End        " 11   
      Whitefield Lane End (Coppice Lane, Cronton Road)      "
      Whitefield Lane End (Bardley Crescent, Cronton Road)      "
      Whitefield Lane End (Manley Road, Tarbock Road)      "
Huyton        " 69  Trains 
      Huyton (Holmfield Grove, Tarbock Road)      "
      Huyton (Oakfield Drive, Meadow Drive)      "
      Huyton (Holmfield Grove, Tarbock Road)      "
Huyton Park        " 26   
      Huyton Park (St Annes Road, St Johns Road)      "
      Huyton Park (St Agnes Road, St Johns Road)      "
Huyton, Bus Station        " 85  Trains 
      Huyton (Huyton Bus Station, Derby Road)      "
Knowsley        " 136   
      Knowsley (Archway Road, Lathom Road)      "
      Knowsley (Huyton Town Centre, Archway Road)      "
      Roby (Rupert Road, Stanley Road)      "
Roby        " 39  Trains 
      Roby (Waterside Park, Roby Road)      "
      Roby (Lawton Road, Roby Road)      "
      Roby (Bridge Road, Roby Road)      "
      Roby (Pilch Lane East, Roby Road)      "
Court Hey        " 14   
      Court Hey (Court Hey Church, Roby Road)      "
      Court Hey (Court Hey Road, Roby Road)      "
      Court Hey (Grangewood, Roby Road)      "
Liverpool, Belle Vale        " 74   
      Belle Vale (Sandbrook Road, Childwall Valley Road)      "
Childwall        " 42   
      Childwall (Glendevon Road, Rocky Lane)      "
      Childwall (Queens Drive, Rocky Lane)      "
Wavertree        " 74   
      Wavertree (Field Way, Thingwall Road)      "
      Wavertree (Westway, Thingwall Road)      "
      Wavertree (Childwall Road, Thingwall Road)      "
      Wavertree (Canvey Close, Childwall Road)      "
      Wavertree (Prince Alfred Road, High Street)      "
      Wavertree (Glynn Street, Picton Road)      "
      Wavertree (Colville Street, Picton Road)      "
      Wavertree (Picton Crescent, Picton Road)      "
      Wavertree (Cecil Street, Picton Road)      "
Liverpool, Edge Hill        " 23  Trains 
      Edge Hill (Wavertree Shopping Centre, Wavertree Road)      "
      Edge Hill (Chatsworth Drive, Wavertree Road)      "
      Edge Hill (Overton Street, Wavertree Road)      "
Liverpool, West Derby        " 87   
      Liverpool (West Derby Street, Crown Street)      "
Liverpool, Dental Hospital        " 6   
      Liverpool (Ashton Street, Pembroke Place)      "
Liverpool        " 248  Trains Walks
      Liverpool (Pembroke Place, London Road)      "
Liverpool, Queen Square Bus Station        " 112  Trains Walks
      Liverpool (Queen Square Bus Station, Hood Street)      "
 Reduce route details for this service     

 OperatorNorth West
  At least 22 miles long, in a North West direction.

This service only operates in the direction shown 
There may be related services that provide return journeys.
Monday to FridaySaturdaySunday
Forward-19 journeys
Reverse-No Service
Forward-every 40 minutes
Reverse-No Service
Forward-every 60 minutes
Reverse-No Service
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