Details of Go North East's bus service number 78 between Consett and Sunderland.

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Town/Village/stop nameCountyBus Services
Consett, Bus Station  Durham County  55   
      Consett (Bus Station, Medomsley Road)      "
Consett        " 77   
      Consett (Leisure Centre-Academy, Medomsley Road)      "
Consett, Number One Industrial Estate        " 26   
      Consett (Number One Roundabout, A691 - Villa Real Road)      "
Consett        " 77   
      Consett (Grove Cottage, A691 - Villa Real Road)      "
      Consett (Adult Training Centre, A691 - Villa Real Road)      "
      Consett (Leadgate Rd Service Station, Leadgate Road)      "
Leadgate, Coop        " 24   
      Leadgate (Front Street)      "
Leadgate        " 31   
      Leadgate (Leadgate House, Street not known)      "
      Leadgate (Durham Road)      "
      Leadgate (Old Eden Colliery, A692)      "
      Leadgate (Church, A692)      "
      Leadgate (Brooms Avenue Road End, A692)      "
      Leadgate (East Castle, A693)      "
Greencroft        " 15   
      Greencroft (Loud View Terrace)      "
      Greencroft (Road End, Derwent Terrace)      "
Annfield Plain        " 26   
      Annfield Plain (Derwent Terrace)      "
      Annfield Plain (Tesco, Station Road)      "
      Annfield Plain (Durham Road)      "
      Annfield Plain (South View - Watsons Garage, South View)      "
New Kyo        " 26   
      New Kyo (Prospect Terrace, Shieldrow Lane)      "
      New Kyo (Shield Row Lane, Shieldrow Lane)      "
      New Kyo (Sandhole Club, Hardy Terrace)      "
      New Kyo (Ely Terrace, Shieldrow Lane)      "
South Moor        " 37   
      South Moor (Oxhill crossings, A693)      "
      South Moor (Arch - Eden Terrace, A693)      "
Stanley, near Derwentside        " 57   
      Stanley (Civic Hall, Front Street)      "
Stanley, Bus Station        " 66   
      Stanley (Bus Station, Mary Street)      "
South Moor        " 37   
      South Moor (Arch - Park Road, B6313 - Park Road)      "
      South Moor (Park Road, B6313 - Park Road)      "
      South Moor (Hannons, Charles Street)      "
South Stanley        " 17   
      South Stanley (Medway Gardens-Southfields, Southfields)      "
      South Stanley (Southfields-Waveney Cres, Southfields)      "
      South Stanley (Thames Crescent)      "
      South Stanley (120-121 Hollyhill Gardens West, Holly Hill Gardens West)      "
      South Stanley (Hollyhill Gardens East, Holly Hill Gardens East)      "
      South Stanley (St Stephens Church Holly Hill, Holly Hill Gardens East)      "
      South Stanley (St Stephens Church, Durham Road)      "
Bloemfontein        " 23   
      Bloemfontein (Aged Miners Homes, Durham Road)      "
      Bloemfontein (Garden Terrace)      "
Craghead        " 22   
      Craghead (Punch Bowl, B6313 - Middles Road)      "
      Craghead (Front Street, B6313 - Craghead Lane)      "
      Craghead (Shafto Terrace, B6313 - Craghead Lane)      "
Grange Villa        " 21   
      Grange Villa (Club, Pelton Lane)      "
      Grange Villa (Pavilion, Front Street - Pelton Lane)      "
Newfield, near Chester le Street        " 18   
      Newfield (Edward Terrace)      "
Pelton        " 33   
      Pelton (Aged Miners Homes, The Parade)      "
      Pelton (Church, The Parade)      "
      Pelton (Kingsway - bridge, Front Street)      "
      Pelton (Community Centre, Front Street)      "
      Pelton (Schools, Ouston Lane)      "
      Pelton (Plough Inn, Pelton Lane)      "
Chester le Street        " 152  Trains 
      Chester-le-Street (The Falcon, Pelton Lane)      "
      Chester-le-Street (Pelaw Crescent - Conyers Ave, Pelton Lane)      "
      Chester-le-Street (Bank Top, Pelton Lane)      "
      Chester-le-Street (Front Street)      "
      Chester-le-Street (Lambton Arms PH, Front Street)      "
      Chester-le-Street (Black Horse, Front Street)      "
      Chester-le-Street (Ropery Lane Roundabout, Ropery Lane)      "
Chester le Street, Ropery Lane School        " 27   
      Chester-le-Street (Ropery Lane RC School, Ropery Lane)      "
Chester le Street        " 152  Trains 
      Chester-le-Street (Lancaster Terrace, Ropery Lane)      "
      Chester-le-Street (Riverside Cricket Ground, B1284 Lumley New Road)      "
      Chester-le-Street (Golf Club - bridge, B1284 Lumley New Road)      "
Great Lumley        " 29   
      Great Lumley (Back Lane End - new rd end, B1284 Lumley New Road)      "
      Great Lumley (Coverley, Back Lane)      "
      Great Lumley (Sandbach, Back Lane)      "
      Great Lumley (Riding Hill, Back Lane)      "
      Great Lumley (Post Office, Front Street)      "
      Great Lumley (Community Centre, Front Street)      "
      Great Lumley (Church, Front Street)      "
      Great Lumley (Windsor Terrace, Scorers Lane)      "
      Great Lumley (Sevenacres, Scorers Lane)      "
      Great Lumley (Scorers Lane End, Scorers Lane)      "
Lumley Thicks        " 29   
      Lumley Thicks (Road End, B1284 Lumley New Road)      "
Woodstone Village  Tyne and Wear  30   
      Woodstone Village (Community Centre, B1284 Lumley New Road)      "
      Woodstone Village (Woodlea Court, B1284 Lumley New Road)      "
Bournmoor        " 13   
      Bournmoor (Primrose Hill, Un-named Road)      "
      Bournmoor (Rose Crescent, Un-named Road)      "
      Bournmoor (Church, Chester Road)      "
Bournmoor, Lambton Pleasure Park        " 11   
      Bournmoor (Lambton Pleasure Park, A183)      "
Shiney Row        " 37   
      Shiney Row (Chester Road-Fernlea, Chester Road)      "
      Shiney Row (Chester Road-Grangewood Close, Chester Road)      "
      Shiney Row (Chester Road - Station Road, Chester Road)      "
      Shiney Row (Chester Road-Windermere Crescent, Chester Road)      "
Penshaw        " 22   
      Penshaw (Chester Road-Clydesdale Avenue, Chester Road)      "
      Penshaw (Chester Road - Rose Street West, Chester Road)      "
      Penshaw (Chester Road-Monument, Chester Road)      "
      Penshaw (Chester Road-Flinton Hill Farm, Chester Road)      "
      Penshaw (Chester Road-Foxcover Road, Chester Road)      "
Pennywell, Industrial Estate        " 24   
      Pennywell (Hylton Road - Prestbury Road, Pennywell Industrial Estate)      "
Pennywell        " 54   
      Pennywell (Chester Road-Greenwood Road, Chester Road)      "
Grindon Mill        " 31   
      Grindon (Chester Road-Grindon Mill, Chester Road)      "
Nookside        " 43   
      Nookside (The Broadway-Glasbury Avenue, The Broadway)      "
      Nookside (The Broadway-Broadmayne Avenue, The Broadway)      "
High Barnes        " 82   
      High Barnes (Sunderland Crematorium, THE BROADWAY)      "
Sunderland, Chester Road        " 66   
      High Barnes (Chester Road-Crematorium, Chester Road)      "
      High Barnes (Chester Road-Priory Grove, Chester Road)      "
      High Barnes (Chester Road-St Gabriels Avenue, Chester Road)      "
Sunderland, Royal Hospital        " 89   
      High Barnes (Royal Hospital Kayll Road C, Kayll Road)      "
Sunderland, Chester Road        " 66   
      High Barnes (Chester Road-Croft Avenue, Chester Road)      "
      Sunderland (Chester Road-The Precinct, Chester Road)      "
Sunderland        " 276 Express coaches Trains 
      Sunderland (Chester Road-University, Chester Road)      "
Sunderland, University Of Sunderland        " 85   
      Sunderland (University Travel Hub, Chester Road)      "
Sunderland, Park Lane Interchange        " 157 Express coaches Trains 
      Sunderland (Sunderland Interchange, Park Lane)      "
 Reduce route details for this service     

  At least 26 miles long, in a North East direction.

This service only operates in the direction shown 
There may be related services that provide return journeys.
Monday to FridaySaturdaySunday
Forward-44 journeys
Reverse-No Service
Forward-every 30 minutes
Reverse-No Service
Forward-20 journeys
Reverse-No Service
Google Earth view for bus service bus travel between Consett and Sunderland
Online timetable for this bus service
The following other services follow part of, or all of, this route:
          78A   Consett to Stanley   Evenings only, one way, Mon to Fri (2 trips) Sat (1 trip) Sun (1 trip)   Gateshead   
          78   Consett to Stanley    Sun (2 trips)   Gateshead   
          78A   Sunderland to South Burns   Evenings only, one way, Mon to Fri (2 trips) Sat (3 trips) Sun (1 trip)   Gateshead   
          78A   South Burns to Consett   Only this direction, Sat (2 trips) Sun (8 trips)   Gateshead   
          78A   Stanley to Sunderland   Only this direction, Sun (every 60 mins)   Gateshead   
          78A   Sunderland to Consett   Only this direction, Mon to Fri (8 trips) Sat (9 trips) Sun (25 trips)   Gateshead   
          78A   Consett to Sunderland   Only this direction, Mon to Sat (8 trips) Sun (10 trips)   Gateshead   
          78   Chester le Street to Sunderland   Only this direction, Mon to Sat (2 trips)   Gateshead   
          78   South Burns to Consett   Only this direction, Sat (2 trips)   Gateshead   
          78   Consett to Chester le Street   Only this direction, Mon to Sat (4 trips)   Gateshead   
          78   Sunderland to Stanley   Only this direction, Mon to Fri (2 trips) Sat (4 trips) Sun (20 trips)   Gateshead   
          78   Stanley to Sunderland   Only this direction, Mon to Fri (2 trips)   Gateshead   
          78   Bournmoor to Consett   Only this direction, Mon to Fri (2 trips)   Gateshead   
          78   Shiney Row to Consett   Only this direction, Mon to Sat (2 trips)   Gateshead   
          78   Sunderland to Consett   Only this direction, Mon to Fri (42 trips) Sat (40 trips)   Gateshead   
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The timetable for this service appears to have started on 4 Jul 2020 and is scheduled to finish on 31 Dec 2020.
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