Details of transport facility

Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) within 1 mile of '358230/172480' sorted by full name.
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    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
            Bus departures  
  Full Name Area     Mon-Fri    Sat    Sun  Services   
 Bristol, Ashton Gate Bath Street Bristol, Ashton Road 86 45 45   
 Bristol, Ashton Gate Clift Road Ashton Gate, Clift House Road   
 Bristol, Ashton Gate Duckmoor Road Ashton Gate, Duckmoor Road   
 Bristol, Ashton Gate Durnford Street Ashton Gate 86 45 45   
 Bristol, Ashton Gate Frayne Road Bristol, Ashton Road 86 45 45   
 Bristol, Ashton Gate Greenway Bush Lane Ashton Gate 86 45 45   
 Bristol, Ashton Gate Raleigh Road Ashton Gate   
 Bristol, Ashton Vale Ashton Gate Bristol, Risdale Road 52   
 Bristol, Ashton Vale Smyth Road Bristol, Winterstoke Road 86 45 45   
 Bristol, Ashton Vale Swiss Road Bristol, Ashton Vale   
 Bristol, Bedminster Ashfield Road Bedminster   
 Bristol, Bedminster Bedminster Parade Bedminster, Bedminster Parade 400 248 232   14 
 Bristol, Bedminster Bedminster Rail Station Bedminster, Rail Station   
 Bristol, Bedminster Bedminster Road Bedminster, Bedminster Road   
 Bristol, Bedminster Breach Road Bedminster 86 45 45   
 Bristol, Bedminster Cannon Street Bedminster 352 244 229   12 
 Bristol, Bedminster Catherine Mead Street Bedminster, Catherine Mead Street 86 45 45   
 Bristol, Bedminster Chessel Street Bedminster 196 151 146   
 Bristol, Bedminster Clifton Street Bedminster 196 151 146   
 Bristol, Bedminster Cotswold Road Bedminster   
 Bristol, Bedminster Dalby Avenue Bedminster, Dalby Avenue 356 247 232   12 
 Bristol, Bedminster Dean Street Bedminster 86 45 45   
 Bristol, Bedminster Down Brooklyn Road Bedminster Down, Brooklyn Road   
 Bristol, Bedminster Down Ilchester Crescent Bedminster Down   
 Bristol, Bedminster Down Lewis Road Bedminster Down, Lewis Road   
 Bristol, Bedminster East Street Bedminster, East Street 289 205 200   
 Bristol, Bedminster Greville Road Bedminster 86 45 45   
 Bristol, Bedminster Littleton Road Bedminster 57 32 32   
 Bristol, Bedminster Luckwell Road Bedminster, Luckwell Road 86 45 45   
 Bristol, Bedminster Mendip Road Bedminster   
 Bristol, Bedminster Mill Lane Bedminster   
 Bristol, Bedminster New Charlotte Street Bedminster 86 45 45   
 Bristol, Bedminster Sion Road Bedminster 86 45 45   
 Bristol, Bedminster Smyth Road Bedminster   
 Bristol, Bedminster Southville Place Bedminster, St Johns Road 86 45 45   
 Bristol, Bedminster Spring Street Bedminster   
 Bristol, Bedminster The Malago Bedminster, The Malago 62 37 32   
 Bristol, Bedminster Utd Reform Church Bedminster 199 154 149   
 Bristol, Bedminster Wesley Street Bedminster, Sheene Lane 21 15   
 Bristol, Bedminster West Street Bedminster, Bedminster Road 265 57 57   
 Bristol, Bower Ashton Ashton Park School Bower Ashton, Ashton Park School   
 Bristol, Bower Ashton Winterstoke Road Bower Ashton 312 179 159   15 
 Bristol, Bristol City Centre Bristol Bridge Ferry Landing Bristol, City Centre   
 Bristol, Bristol City Centre Bristol City Centre Ferry Landing Bristol, City Centre   
 Bristol, Bristol City Centre The Centre Bristol, City Centre   
 Bristol, Bristol City Centre Welsh Back Ferry Landing Bristol, City Centre   
 Bristol, Broadmead Bond Street Bristol, Bond Street 447 266 266   11 
 Bristol, Broadmead Broad Weir Bristol, Broadmead 693 421 399   21 
 Bristol, Broadmead Cabot Circus Bristol, Broadmead 256 149 143   11 
 Bristol, Broadmead Castle Park Ferry Landing Bristol, Broadmead   
 Bristol, Broadmead Lewins Mead Bristol, Broadmead 557 358 342   27 
 Bristol, Broadmead Nelson Street Bristol, Broadmead 599 370 372   16 
 Bristol, Broadmead Penn Street Bristol, Penn Street   
 Bristol, Broadmead Rupert Street Bristol, Broadmead 608 363 365   16 
 Bristol, Broadmead The Haymarket Bristol, Haymarket 312 201 194   10 
 Bristol, Broadmead The Horsefair Bristol, Horsefair   
 Bristol, Broadmead Union Street Bristol, Broadmead 185 116 108   
 Bristol, Broadmead Wine Street Bristol, Wine Street 208 128 120   
 Bristol, Bus Station Bristol, Bus Station 180 130 130   14 
 Bristol, Canons Marsh Anchor Road Bristol, Canons Marsh 303 167 166   18 
 Bristol, Canons Marsh Canons Road Bristol, Canons Marsh   
 Bristol, Canons Marsh Capricorn Quay Bristol, Canons Marsh   
 Bristol, Canons Marsh Capricorn Quay Ferry Landing Bristol, Canons Marsh   
 Bristol, Canons Marsh Gasferry Road Bristol, Canons Marsh 296 160 159   17 
 Bristol, Canons Marsh Jacobs Wells Road Bristol, Jacobs Wells Road 32 30   
 Bristol, Canons Marsh Millennium Square Bristol, Canons Marsh   
 Bristol, Canons Marsh Millennium Square Ferry Landing Bristol, Canons Marsh   
 Bristol, Canons Marsh Wapping Wharf Bristol, Canons Marsh   
 Bristol, City Centre Bristol, City Centre 819 502 499   18 
 Bristol, City Centre Baldwin Street Bristol, City Centre 57 33 33   
 Bristol, City Centre Bristol Bridge Ferry Landing Bristol, Bristol Bridge   
 Bristol, City Centre College Green Bristol, College Green 356 230 227   
 Bristol, City Centre Colston Street Bristol, City Centre   
 Bristol, City Centre Ferry Landing Bristol   
 Bristol, City Centre Park Row Bristol, Park Row 15   
 Bristol, City Centre Park Street Bristol, College Green 352 229 227   
 Bristol, City Centre Prince Street Bristol, Prince Street 90 51 51   
 Bristol, City Centre Quay Street Bristol, Quay Street   
 Bristol, City Centre Rupert Street Bristol, City Centre 364 216 216   10 
 Bristol, City Centre Welsh Back Bristol   
 Bristol, Clifton Alma Vale Clifton, BRIS 87 66 66   
 Bristol, Clifton Belgrave Road Bristol, Whiteladies Road 255 147 145   
 Bristol, Clifton Bristol Zoo Bristol, Zoo 115 95 75   
 Bristol, Clifton Christ Church Clifton, BRIS 115 95 75   
 Bristol, Clifton Clifton High School Clifton, Clifton High School 87 66 66   
 Bristol, Clifton Clifton Park Clifton, BRIS 87 66 66   
 Bristol, Clifton Clifton Village Clifton, BRIS 116 96 75   
 Bristol, Clifton College Road Clifton, BRIS   
 Bristol, Clifton Guthrie Road Clifton, BRIS 87 66 66   
 Bristol, Clifton Northcote Road Clifton, BRIS   
 Bristol, Clifton Students Union Clifton, BRIS 116 96 75   
 Bristol, Clifton Sunderland Place Clifton, BRIS   
 Bristol, Clifton Tyndalls Park Road Clifton, BRIS   
 Bristol, Clifton Victoria Rooms Clifton, BRIS 116 96 75   
 Bristol, Clifton Victoria Sqaure Clifton, BRIS 115 95 75   
 Bristol, Clifton Victoria Square Clifton, BRIS 116 96 75   
 Bristol, Cotham Cotham Hill Bristol, Cotham 29 17 17   
 Bristol, Eastville Ikea Car Park Bristol, Eastville   
 Bristol, Gas ferry North Bristol, Bus Station   
 Bristol, Hannover Quay Bristol, Bus Station   
 Bristol, Harbour Arnolfini Ferry Landing Bristol, Harbour   
 Bristol, Harbour Avon Crescent Bristol, Harbour   
 Bristol, Harbour Baltic Wharf Bristol, Harbour   
 Bristol, Harbour Bristol Marina Ferry Landing Bristol, Harbour   
 Bristol, Harbour Create Centre Bristol, Harbour 52   
 Bristol, Harbour Cumberland Road Bristol, Cumberland Road   
 Bristol, Harbour Gaol Ferry Bridge Bristol, Harbour 52   
 Bristol, Harbour Leisure Centre Bristol, Harbour   
 Bristol, Harbour Mardyke Ferry Road Bristol, Mardyke Ferry Road 52   
 Bristol, Harbour Maritime Museum Bristol, Harbour   
 Bristol, Harbour Prince Street Bridge Bristol, Harbour   
 Bristol, Harbour Prince Street Bridge Ferry Landing Bristol, Harbour   
 Bristol, Harbour Smeaton Road Bristol, Create Centre   
 Bristol, Harbour ss Great Britain Bristol, Harbour   
 Bristol, Harbour ss Great Britain Ferry Landing Bristol, Harbour   
 Bristol, Harbour The Cottage Bristol, Harbour   
 Bristol, Harbour The Cottage Ferry Landing Bristol, Harbour   
 Bristol, Highridge Kings Head Lane Bristol, Highridge 53 50 45   
 Bristol, Hotwells Bristol, Hotwells 302 190 168   20 
 Bristol, Hotwells Dowry Square Bristol, Hotwells   
 Bristol, Hotwells Hotwell Road Bristol, Hotwell Road 270 157 135   19 
 Bristol, Hotwells Mardyke Ferry Landing Bristol, Hotwells   
 Bristol, Hotwells Merchants Road Bristol, Hotwells 327 188 168   18 
 Bristol, Hotwells Nova Scotia Ferry Landing Bristol, Hotwells   
 Bristol, Hotwells Pumphouse Ferry Landing Bristol, Hotwells   
 Bristol, Kingsdown BRI Bristol, Bristol Royal Infirmary 127 71 63   12 
 Bristol, Kingsdown Horfield Road Bristol, Horfield Road   
 Bristol, Kingsdown Kingsdown Parade Bristol, Kingsdown   
 Bristol, Kingsdown Marlborough Street Bristol, Marlborough Street 58   11 
 Bristol, Kingsdown Myrtle Road Bristol, St Michaels Hill 29 17 17   
 Bristol, Kingsdown North Street Bristol, North Street 347 212 212   10 
 Bristol, Kingsdown St Michaels Hospital Bristol, Kingsdown   
 Bristol, Kingsdown Stokes Croft Bristol, Stokes Croft 350 216 216   
 Bristol, Knowle Atlas Road Kensal Road Knowle, BRIS   
 Bristol, Knowle Broad Walk Shops Knowle, BRIS 50 23 18   
 Bristol, Knowle Kensal Avenue Knowle, BRIS   
 Bristol, Knowle Monmouth Street Knowle, BRIS 30 17 12   
 Bristol, Knowle Park Avenue Knowle, BRIS 30 17 12   
 Bristol, Knowle Paultow Road Knowle, BRIS   
 Bristol, Knowle Raymend Road Knowle, BRIS   
 Bristol, Lower Knowle Knowle Health Centre Lower Knowle 57 32 32   
 Bristol, Lower Knowle Weymouth Road Lower Knowle 62 37 32   
 Bristol, Old Market Bond Street Bristol, Bond Street 794 477 479   23 
 Bristol, Old Market Old Market Street Bristol, Old Market 626 391 372   18 
 Bristol, Old Market Temple Way Bristol, Old Market 329 143 143   
 Bristol, Redcliffe Bathurst Basin Ferry Landing Bristol, Redcliffe   
 Bristol, Redcliffe Bridgewater House Bristol, Redcliffe   
 Bristol, Redcliffe Corinthian Court Bristol, Redcliffe   
 Bristol, Redcliffe Counterslip Bristol, Redcliffe   
 Bristol, Redcliffe General Hospital Bristol, General Hospital   
 Bristol, Redcliffe Prewett Street Bristol, Redcliffe   
 Bristol, Redcliffe Redcliff Hill Bristol, Redcliffe 522 279 274   12 
 Bristol, Redcliffe Redcliffe Back Ferry Landing Bristol, Redcliffe   
 Bristol, Redcliffe Redcliffe Way Bristol, Redcliffe Way 157 101 101   
 Bristol, Redcliffe Ship Lane Bristol, Redcliffe   
 Bristol, Redcliffe Somerset Square Bristol, Redcliffe   
 Bristol, Redcliffe Somerset Street Bristol, Redcliffe   
 Bristol, Redcliffe Temple Meads Bristol, Redcliffe 122 82 82   
 Bristol, Redcliffe The Grove Bristol, The Grove   
 Bristol, Redcliffe The Ostrich Bristol, Redcliffe   
 Bristol, Redcliffe Victoria Street Bristol, Victoria Street 265 161 153   
 Bristol, Southville Camden Road Bristol, Southville   
 Bristol, Southville Coronation Road Bristol, Coronation Road   
 Bristol, Southville Dean Lane Bristol, Dean Lane   
 Bristol, Southville Greville Street Bristol, Southville   
 Bristol, Southville Hamilton Road Bristol, Southville   
 Bristol, Southville Islington Road Bristol, Southville   
 Bristol, St Pauls Brigstocke Road Bristol, City Road 31 13 13   
 Bristol, St Pauls Brunswick Street Bristol, St Pauls 31 13 13   
 Bristol, St Philips Bridge Bristol, Bus Station   
 Bristol, Temple Meads Bristol, Temple Meads Rail Station 380 220 212   16 
 Bristol, Temple Meads Rail Station Bristol, Temple Meads Rail Station   
 Bristol, Temple Meads St Philips Bridge Bristol, Temple Meads Rail Station   
 Bristol, Temple Meads Temple Bridge (Bristol) Ferry Landing Bristol, Temple Meads Rail Station   
 Bristol, Temple Meads Temple Bridge Ferry Landing Bristol, Temple Meads Rail Station   
 Bristol, Temple Meads Temple Meads Station Ferry Landing Bristol, Temple Meads Rail Station   
 Bristol, Temple Meads Temple Way Bristol, Temple Meads Rail Station 329 143 143   
 Bristol, The Dings New Kingsley Road Bristol, The Dings 24 24   
 Bristol, The ostrich Bristol, Bus Station   
 Bristol, Tyndalls Park Cantocks Close Bristol, Tyndalls Park   
 Bristol, Tyndalls Park Elton Road Bristol, Bristol Grammar School 29 16 16   
 Bristol, Tyndalls Park Park St Top Bristol, Park Street 252 147 144   
 Bristol, Tyndalls Park Queens Avenue Bristol, Tyndalls Park 29 17 17   
 Bristol, Tyndalls Park Queens Road Bristol, Queens Road 410 258 236   15 
 Bristol, Tyndalls Park Triangle West Bristol, Triangle 403 260 236   13 
 Bristol, Tyndalls Park Tyndall Avenue Bristol, Tyndalls Park 29 17 17   
 Bristol, Wapping Wharf Bristol, Bus Station   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Alfred Road Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Brendon Road Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Dunford Road Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Dunkerry Road Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Henry St Green Street Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Holmesdale Road Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Kensal Road Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Mead Street Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Newport Street Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Nutgrove Avenue Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Orwell Street Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Porlock Road Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Pylle Hill Crescent Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Quantock Road Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Raven Hill Bristol, St Johns Lane 25 12 12   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Richmond Street Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Somerset Terrace Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Stevens Crescent Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Vivian St Orwell Street Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill William Street Bristol, Windmill Hill   
 Bristol, Windmill Hill Windsor Terrace Bristol, Windmill Hill   
The map below shows transport locations within 1 mile of '358230/172480'.
On the map below bus stops are shown in red, National Express stops in Green, Megabus in Blue and train stations in Grey.


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