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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) within 1 mile of '444999/422200' sorted by full name.
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            Bus departures  
  Full Name Area     Mon-Fri    Sat    Sun  Services   
 Carleton, WYOR Carleton, WYOR   
 Castleford, Townville Spittal Hardwick Lane Pontefract Townville   
 Castleford, Townville Spittal Hardwick Lane Ridgedale Mount Pontefract 20 19 11   
 Pontefract Pontefract   
 Pontefract, Ackworth Road Hardwick Court Pontefract 56 33   11 
 Pontefract, Baghill Lane Industrial Estate Pontefract   
 Pontefract, Beechwood Avenue Beechwood Pontefract 21 20 24   
 Pontefract, Bondgate Bond Street Pontefract, Monkhill 27 22   
 Pontefract, Bondgate Box Lane Pontefract 27 22   
 Pontefract, Bus Station Pontefract, Bus Station 81 71 38   20 
 Pontefract, Carleton Ackworth Road Carleton Park Road Carleton, WYOR 46 21   
 Pontefract, Carleton Ackworth Road Elm Park Carleton, WYOR 13   
 Pontefract, Carleton Ackworth Road Hardwick Road Carleton, WYOR 46 21   
 Pontefract, Carleton Carleton Park Estate Pontefract Carleton, WYOR 14 12   
 Pontefract, Carleton Carleton Park Road Ackworth Road Carleton, WYOR 16 12   
 Pontefract, Carleton Carleton Park Road Baden Powell Crescent Carleton, WYOR 14 12   
 Pontefract, Carleton Carleton Park Road Lyon Road Carleton, WYOR 16 10   
 Pontefract, Carleton Carleton Park Road Pease Close Carleton, WYOR 16 10   
 Pontefract, Carleton Carleton Road Chestnut Grove Carleton, WYOR 18 12   
 Pontefract, Carleton Crest Drive Carleton Crest Carleton, WYOR   
 Pontefract, Carleton Crest Drive Churchbalk Drive Carleton, WYOR 11   
 Pontefract, Carleton Crest Drive Churchbalk Lane Carleton, WYOR   
 Pontefract, Carleton Crest Drive Woodland View Carleton, WYOR   
 Pontefract, Carleton Glen General Hosiptal Pontefract 57 55 29   
 Pontefract, Carleton Hardwick Road Lyon Road Carleton, WYOR   
 Pontefract, Carleton Highfield Road Carleton, WYOR   
 Pontefract, Carleton Larks Hill Pinetree Avenue Carleton, WYOR   
 Pontefract, Carleton Mill Hill Avenue Oakwell Avenue Carleton, WYOR   
 Pontefract, Carleton Millfield Crescent Carleton, WYOR   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Carleton Glen Bluebell Close Chequerfield 57 55 29   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Carleton Glen Mayors Walk Avenue Chequerfield 57 55 31   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Carleton Glen Starwort Close Chequerfield 57 55 31   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Carleton Glen Swanhill Lane Chequerfield 57 55 31   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Chequerfield Centre Chequerfield 57 55 29   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Chequerfield Church Balk Lane Chequerfield   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Chequerfield Road Church Chequerfield 26 25 13   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Churchbalk Lane Beech Street Chequerfield 31 30 16   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Churchbalk Lane Grove Lea Walk Chequerfield 31 30 16   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield East Drive Kings Crescent Chequerfield 31 30 16   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield East Drive School Road Chequerfield 26 25 13   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Grove Road Church Balk Lane Chequerfield   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Grove Road Churchbalk Lane Chequerfield   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Harewood Avenue Cromwell Crescent Chequerfield 31 30 16   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Harewood Mount Grove Mount Chequerfield 26 25 15   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Harewood Mount Grove Rise Chequerfield 31 30 16   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Monument Lane Churchbalk Lane Chequerfield 31 30 16   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Monument Lane Rookhill Drive Chequerfield 26 25 13   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Swanhill Lane Carleton Glen Chequerfield 57 55 29   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Swanhill Lane Carleton View Chequerfield 57 55 31   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield Viking Road Camelot Court Chequerfield 31 30 16   
 Pontefract, Chequerfield West Drive The Circle Chequerfield   
 Pontefract, Crest Drive Woodland View Carleton, WYOR 11   
 Pontefract, Friarwood Lane General Infirmary Pontefract, General Infirmary 87 70 46   
 Pontefract, Friarwood Lane Pontefract General Infirmary Pontefract, General Infirmary   
 Pontefract, Friarwood Lane Southgate Pontefract 61 55 31   
 Pontefract, Grove Road Churchbalk Lane Pontefract   
 Pontefract, Grove Road Frairwood Lane Pontefract   
 Pontefract, Grove Road Friarwood Lane Pontefract   
 Pontefract, Grove Road Priory Chase Pontefract   
 Pontefract, Halfpenny Lane Camp Mount Pontefract 21 20 24   
 Pontefract, Halfpenny Lane Park Place Pontefract 21 20 24   
 Pontefract, Halfpenny Lane Ryder Close Pontefract 21 20 24   
 Pontefract, Halfpenny Lane St Giles Avenue Pontefract 21 20 24   
 Pontefract, Horsefair Pontefract   
 Pontefract, Love Lane Oswalds Avenue Pontefract 21 20 24   
 Pontefract, Love Lane St Oswalds Avenue Pontefract 10 10   
 Pontefract, Mill Hill Avenue Mill Hill Lane Pontefract   
 Pontefract, Mill Hill Lane Kings High School Pontefract, Kings High School   
 Pontefract, Mill Hill Road Mayors Walk Pontefract 52 33   10 
 Pontefract, Monkhill Bondgate Bond Street Pontefract, Monkhill 38 35   
 Pontefract, Monkhill Ferrybridge Road Box Lane Pontefract, Monkhill 37 33 14   11 
 Pontefract, Monkhill Lady Balk Lane Pontefract Pontefract, Monkhill   
 Pontefract, Monkhill Lady Balk Lane Victoria Street Pontefract, Monkhill   
 Pontefract, Monkhill Mill Dam Lane Black Walk Pontefract, Monkhill 37 31 14   10 
 Pontefract, Monkhill Mill Dam Lane St Annes Villas Pontefract, Monkhill 37 33 14   11 
 Pontefract, Monkhill Mill Lane Nevison Avenue Pontefract, Monkhill 37 33 14   11 
 Pontefract, Monkhill Mill Lane Queensway Pontefract, Monkhill 37 31 14   10 
 Pontefract, Monkhill Monkhill Avenue Monkhill Drive Pontefract, Monkhill 22 19 11   
 Pontefract, Monkhill Monkhill Avenue Monkhill Mount Pontefract, Monkhill 22 19 11   
 Pontefract, Monkhill Monkhill Avenue Skinner Lane Pontefract, Monkhill 22 19 11   
 Pontefract, Monkhill Monkhill Lane Lady Balk Lane Pontefract, Monkhill 22 19 11   
 Pontefract, Monkhill Monkhill Lane Nestfield Close Pontefract, Monkhill 20 19 11   
 Pontefract, Monkhill Monkhill Lane Orchard Head Lane Pontefract, Monkhill 20 19 11   
 Pontefract, Monkhill Monkhill Lane Willowdene Lane Pontefract, Monkhill 22 19 11   
 Pontefract, Monkhill Skinner Lane Denwell Terrace Pontefract, Monkhill 22 19 11   
 Pontefract, Monkhill Skinner Lane Monkhill Drive Pontefract, Monkhill 22 19 11   
 Pontefract, Monkhill Spital Hardwick Lane Orchard Head Lane Pontefract, Monkhill 22 19 11   
 Pontefract, North Baileygate Mill Dam Lane Pontefract 37 33 14   11 
 Pontefract, North Baileygate Monkhill Rail Station Pontefract, Monkhill Rail Station 37 31 14   10 
 Pontefract, North Featherstone Park Lane North Featherstone   
 Pontefract, North Featherstone Park Lane Golf Club North Featherstone   
 Pontefract, Northgate Spink Lane Pontefract 37 33 14   11 
 Pontefract, Park Lane Grosvenor Avenue Pontefract, New College   
 Pontefract, Park Lane Portland Avenue Pontefract   
 Pontefract, Park Road Park Lane Pontefract 70 70 29   
 Pontefract, Park Road Racecourse Pontefract 70 70 29   
 Pontefract, Park Road Rail Bridge Pontefract 73 73 31   
 Pontefract, Park Road Retail Park Pontefract 73 73 31   
 Pontefract, Park Road Tanshelf Station Pontefract, Tanshelf Rail Station 76 73 31   11 
 Pontefract, Pontefract Baghill Rail Station Pontefract   
 Pontefract, Pontefract Monkhill Rail Station Pontefract   
 Pontefract, Pontefract Tanshelf Rail Station Pontefract   
 Pontefract, Purston Jaglin Larks Hill Pinetree Avenue Carleton, WYOR   
 Pontefract, Purston Jaglin Minden Close Halfpenny Lane Purston Jaglin 21 20 24   
 Pontefract, Purston Jaglin Wakefield Road Osgoldcross Crematorium Purston Jaglin 126 117 91   17 
 Pontefract, Purston Jaglin Wakefield Road Queens Avenue Purston Jaglin 126 117 91   17 
 Pontefract, School Services Pontefract   
 Pontefract, Skinner Lane Northgate Lodge Pontefract 22 19 11   
 Pontefract, South Baileygate Baghill Lane Pontefract 40 35   
 Pontefract, South Baileygate North Baileygate Pontefract 38 35   
 Pontefract, Southgate General Hospital Pontefract, Southgate General Hospital 171 144 91   26 
 Pontefract, Southgate Jubilee Way Pontefract 171 144 91   26 
 Pontefract, Spital Hardwick Lane Ridgedale Mount Pontefract 22 19 11   
 Pontefract, Stuart Road Colonels Walk Pontefract 90 83 31   14 
 Pontefract, Stuart Road Finkle Street Pontefract 89 82 29   13 
 Pontefract, Stuart Road Newport Street Pontefract 81 80 29   10 
 Pontefract, Wakefield Road Banks Avenue Pontefract 109 101 67   15 
 Pontefract, Wakefield Road Beechwood Avenue Pontefract 69 61 24   
 Pontefract, Wakefield Road Beechwood Crescent Pontefract 126 117 91   17 
 Pontefract, Wakefield Road Drivers Row Pontefract 126 117 91   17 
 Pontefract, Wakefield Road Kings Mead Pontefract 79 71 24   11 
 Pontefract, Westbourne Road Mill Hill Lane Pontefract   
 Pontefract, Westbourne Road Westbourne Avenue Pontefract   
 Pontefract, Willow Park Baghill Lane Harewood Avenue Willow Park 26 25 15   
 Pontefract, Willow Park Harewood Avenue Cromwell Crescent Willow Park 31 30 16   
 Pontefract, Willow Park Northfield Drive Eastfield Drive Willow Park   
 Pontefract, Willow Park Northfield Drive Springfield Avenue Willow Park   
The map below shows transport locations within 1 mile of '444999/422200'.
On the map below bus stops are shown in red, National Express stops in Green, Megabus in Blue and train stations in Grey.


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